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Browser then uses the information from the cookie and resends it to the website. This enables websites to recognise whether a user already visited this website and in some more advanced applications it can also adapt the settings of the website accordingly to the user.



Cookies are very useful when using the same computer (tab or phone) and browser. They can remember your settings and help us follow how you use our websites and create the displayed content more suitable to your needs and way of browsing.



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It saves your browsing information and enables a more efficient and easier websites' functioning.

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They help oversee viewing of video content with the video player Vimeo.

It saves the data that you are informed about cookies and privacy.


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If you wish to change the way cookies function in your browser, including blocking and deleting them, you can do that with an according change in the settings of your browser.

On how to manage cookies the majority of browsers enables you to either accept or reject all cookies or accept only a certain kind of cookies or it warns you that a website wishes to save a cookie.

Cookies, which have been saved by the browser, can be easily deleted.

The process of managing and deleting cookies varies from browser to browser. If you need any help in doing so, you can look in the browser's help for users.

About the Centre

On the outskirts of the city Celje, only a five minute drive from the centre, lies hidden in the idyllic forest clearing the new Equestrian centre Celje.

The inside and the outside riding areas with its accompanying facilities enable work and training on the highest level in all weather conditions and throughout the year. Accompanying the equestrian part are also a cafe and a restaurant, where various events take place regularly.


Equestrian Centre Celje
Lopata 43, 3000 Celje, SI-Slovenia

  +386 31 644 865

Zeleni ključ - Green Key

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