Beginner's course

Beginners can join a Beginner’s riding course. It is performed in small groups of 2 to 4 riders, which helps to maintain a high quality learning experience. Beginner’s course covers: how to approach a horse, cleaning, saddling and leading a horse, getting up and down from a horse and getting acquainted with horse’s basic walks. A completed course enables the rider to gain the license JAHAČ 1 (Rider level 1).

The course takes place 2 times per week for an hour and over the whole year. A prior entry call is necessary for participation.

About the Centre

On the outskirts of the city Celje, only a five minute drive from the centre, lies hidden in the idyllic forest clearing the new Equestrian centre Celje.

The inside and the outside riding areas with its accompanying facilities enable work and training on the highest level in all weather conditions and throughout the year. Accompanying the equestrian part are also a cafe and a restaurant, where various events take place regularly.


Equestrian Centre Celje
Lopata 43, 3000 Celje, SI-Slovenia

  +386 31 644 865

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