The horses are accommodated in bright and airy stables. Each stable unit includes an equipment room, a feeding room and two wasing places for horses.

There are 39 standard boxes in the size of 3,5x3,5 m and 7 English-type boxes in the size of 3,5x3,0 m, which can be enlarged by removing the middle panel between boxes for accommodating a mare with a foal for example. All the boxes are equipped with a pump system, which maintains a constant temperature in the drinking water for horses.

Under mighty wooden arches in the heart of the Centre there is an inside arena in the size of 65x32 m. The outside arena is in the size of 90x60 m, which can be divided into two smaller riding arenas in the sizes of 60x45 m. The footing in both arenas is quartz sand of the highest quality and with an “Ebbe-Flut” (tide-ebb) watering system, which enables a constant moisture of the footing and with it also the best firmness.

In the vicinity of the stable also stands a walking machine for six horses. The floor in the walking machine is covered in rubber, which prevents any injuries. The middle part of the walking machine is expected to contain an “aqua-trainer” for  two to three horses and it will be intended to horse rehabilitation after serious injuries.

About the Centre

On the outskirts of the city Celje, only a five minute drive from the centre, lies hidden in the idyllic forest clearing the new Equestrian centre Celje.

The inside and the outside riding areas with its accompanying facilities enable work and training on the highest level in all weather conditions and throughout the year. Accompanying the equestrian part are also a cafe and a restaurant, where various events take place regularly.


Equestrian Centre Celje
Lopata 43, 3000 Celje, SI-Slovenia

  +386 31 644 865

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